1. Thoughts at 10am:

    -I wish I brought my leftover pizza to work because that’s all I want for breakfast
    -yea… pizza


  2. Glitter fixes everything

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  3. dorian-winter:

    Twin Peaks (1990)

    Audrey’s first appearance.

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  4. wishing for something tropical
    because my tan is fading
    and the breeze is chilly

    I’m going to have to escape soon


  5. nevver:

    Killing time,Eric Petersen

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  9. Update

    I ate tacos


  10. I wish I was eating tacos right now


  11. 20aliens:

    Elinor Carucci


  12. making my way to the dark side 😈

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  13. nippul:


    fuck jeg elsker fregner

    ctak så meget

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  14. Kady Lately

    I’ve realized that most things in my life currently are just temporary and a small part of me is frustrated about it and a small part of me is upset about it and a small part of me really likes the spontaneity. Summer fun. 

    Summer is over.

    I’m ready for sweaters and whiskey hot chocolates and cozy blankets. Although I am aware I am not ready to commit to anyone, I sort of want the consistency of the same hand stroking my hair and brushing it off of my face.


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